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Brick Maintenance

Brick maintenance should be done every couple of years when the sand between the bricks start to give way to weeds, grass or has just started to wash away in the rains.


Please Call the Office for Current Prices


Power Washing Bricks:

Power Washing begins the process. Weeds, moss and loose mortar are removed from between the bricks. We create a gap between each brick if we can. There are 3 options to finish your bricks. Option A and B are the same price. Option C is a combination of both A and B which includes a third trip to your home and thus is more.


Please note the gap created can be different from brick to brick. In some areas a lot comes out, in others, very little. We remove what is “giving way”. Also, on weeds that have a root system: the power washer is ripping out the tops of the weeds/grass. The roots can have an aggressive system already under the bricks. If you suspect you have an excessive root system below your bricks that will try to regrow and push back through. It would be best to treat the weeds/grass with a solution that will kill the roots before we power wash.


Options for Finishing the Bricks:


Option A: Sand and Seal

On a dry day, we come back to brush regular, silica sand, back between the bricks in all the gaps created during the power wash. Then we saturate the sand with sealer. The sealer makes the sand hard. Not hard like cement, but hard enough to keep the bricks stable. The sealer also cotes the bricks. It dries to a “Mat Finish”, not a high gloss or shiny. It does, however, bring out the color of the bricks, they become more vibrant. The finish on the

bricks will last several seasons. Normally the bricks return to a dry brick by the end of the second year. Our average turn-around on this option is three years. If you choose this option, maintenance is a complete tear-out and re-do.


Option B: Polymeric Sand

On a dry day, we come back and fill all the gaps we created during the wash with a polymeric sand (Gator Dust G2). This sand hardens with water. There is no sealer with this option. This sand is hard like cement and will last for a good long time. The manufacturer offers a 15 year warranty on new construction. Your job is a maintenance project, not a new construction. A new construction will have a uniform cap between each brick, width and depth. During maintenance, the gap will vary brick to brick. However, this finish will last much longer than Option A. Maintenance on this option is discretionary. Call us when you want to clean it: pollen, dust, bird ## or moss (moss is a spore that floats through the air, lands and grows). When you call to have things cleaned, the pricing is just for a wash, as we do not have to blow out nor replenish sand. So this option is less maintenance and less expensive over time.


Option C: Combination of A and B

This option uses the hard, polymeric sand and then adds the sealer. The sealer is applied on a third trip as it must be applied on dry bricks. The sealer is not necessary for this job as the poly sand hardens with water, however it does add additional strength to the already hard poly sand. The poly sand is hard, although there are loose granules on its surface. The sealer hardens those loose granules and makes the poly even harder. Of course, the sealer also cotes the bricks to bring out the color as mentioned in Option A. Option C combines the most expensive part, the sealer, of Option A and the most expensive part of Option B, the poly sand and takes three trips to complete. Therefore, Option C is more



Measuring Bricks

Measure how long and then measure how wide for each area of bricks you have. Multiply the length and the width to determine the area. If you have several areas, add the total of each area for the total amount we will work on.

Circles: Some patios are circular in shape. Treat them like a rectangle or square. Still measure a length and width. That will get us close to the actual area.


Shine or Discoloration on Bricks

Please let us know if you have a built up shine on your bricks or any discoloration like a milky white. Both of those will not come off during the cleaning. It is good for you to let us know so you have realistic expectations and we can help you achieve the look you want.


Can you level bricks that have sunk or become uneven?

Yes, we call it Lift and Level

Bricks can become sporadically uneven and/or sink in small or large areas. It is not absolutely necessary to fix this. However, it can be unsightly, sunken areas puddle and can dry leaving mud or mold residue. Uneven walkways can be a trip hazard.

We only work on areas the customer specifically directs us to. Many areas on brick paver patios and brick paver walks can have uneven surfaces. However, it can become costly to fix every area. So we ask you to be specific.

Lift and Level $12/ sq. ft.

On most cases,Lift and Level is done on the same day we come back to Sand and Seal.

We pull out all the bricks that fall beneath the average area. The hole that is created is what we measure for billing purposes. We fill the area with Slag Sand then replace the bricks. When we have all the bricks level, we complete the job with Sand and Seal.


power washed, then poly sand, no sealer



Now Serving: Oakland, Livingston and Ingham Counties. Your neighborhood powerwashers: West Bloomfield, Farmington, Northville, Howell, Brighton, Hartland, Milford, Novi, Hamburg, Pinckney, South Lyon, Fowlerville, Williamston, Okemos, Haslett, East Lansing, Dewit, Delta Twp., Holt