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Power Washing a Painted Deck


Power washing will not remove paint. Sure some of the paint that is flaking off can be removed with a hose and a little more with a power washer. However, nothing more than the lifted edges of the paint will come off. Strippers are only partially effective. We have been cleaning and stripping decks for over two decades. We have a lot of experience here.


Chemical strippers that strip paint are caustic to your surrounding ground and garden. They may alleviate a lot of paint from the deck, but odds are they will also leave a great amount. Even 20% left on the deck is disappointing to the customer and our techs. Usually the areas that hold are areas that have been in the shade, or were put on extra thick. Regardless, there is always paint left on the deck after the first attempt.  The second and third attempts cost just as much money to perform. You have to put the stripper down, spend time waiting for it to work, and them power wash it away. Again, you usually still have residual paint holding tight.


We do not use the power washer as a chisel. That would dig into your wood and ruin it.

Society today dictates to use environmentally safe chemicals or other means as much as possible. For the prevailing reasons, we prefer to sand painted decks. This way we can eliminate all the paint on the flat surfaces. Those are the surfaces that fail most often. We can remove all the paint and the customer gets the benefit of smooth wood on their deck floor.



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