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To Kim and the great crew at Adams Powerwash


Thank you for the wonderful job you did in cleaning my deck! I have used Adams in the past and they have always done a great job. I will continue to use them when my deck needs a good cleaning.


I must admit this time, though, I had my doubts as I had so much mold and mildew built up on my deck (icky, slimy green stuff) and I wondered if I would have to stop at the store and buy bleach on the way home because Adams couldn't possibly get all that stuff off! Imagine my wonderful surprise when I came home from work to find a "brand new deck" behind my house! All mold gone! It looks so great. I wish I had taken a "before" photo. And the crew didn't disturb a flower or plant or dislodge any paint from my wooden house. They are just like Santa's elves, I think. I wouldn't have known anyone was in my backyard working except for the fact that I have a sparkling clean deck!


This is well worth the money. Who wants to rent one of those heavy power washers yourself, buy the materials, get yourself soaked, do all the work, mess up the job, etc. when you can get Adams to do the job quickly, professionally, and reasonably priced?  Not me.


Carolyn Schein


Sherwood Rd., Williamston



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